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We are all aware of how powerful, resourceful, dependable solar energy is. Its social and environmental benefits are profound.

According to clean energy council org – 24% of Australia’s electricity generation came from renewable energy in 2019

That’s the rate at which Australia is welcoming solar & other renewable energy sources with open arms.

Along with positive social and environmental impact, solar power is equally economically advantageous.

In this article, we are going to make you familiarize with top financial takeaways from solar.

Let us learn what they are in the upcoming section.

Economic benefits of solar energy:

Independent energy: First and the foremost in the list is energy independence one gets after installing a PV system. There are two ways to set up a photovoltaic system: 1. Grid-connected solar 2.Off-Grid solar. Both the options are cost-effective and help you save a large sum of capital on the annual energy bills.

When you opt for a Off-grid solar system, you no longer are attached to the grid-connected utility company’s electricity. The batteries in an off-grid PV system store excess energy and use it during night times and non-sunlight hours.

Grid-Connected systems allow you to use solar electricity in the day time and grid current in the night time. The net metering mechanism in this type of PV installation further reduced your electricity bill.

Whether Grid-connected or Off-grid photovoltaic system, the bottom line is you end up saving money on energy bills.

Job creation: A large amount of solar capacity is being installed across the globe, reporting a spectacular surge in job creation. The solar industry has created many different types of skilled job positions like manufacturers, installers, engineers, sales representatives, marketers, among others.

As the world acknowledging and employing solar energy, the jobs openings are to grow exponentially. If we talk about Australia alone, the large scale and rooftop solar have accounted for generating more than 10,000 jobs.

The overall renewable energy sector in Australia recorded an enormous 27% growth in employment in the financial year 2018-19.

So, employment is one of the extraordinary economic benefits of solar energy.

Improved real estate value: A solar equipped commercial building or a house can bag profitable deals when putting up on the resale market listing. Solar energy lets you save money on energy bills and at the same time gradually improves your property value. Having PV panels installed on a home can make it sale faster – this is one of the substantial solar energy-economic facts.

People happen to know the advantages of having a PV systemThe buyers are more likely to go for a solar equipped house/commercial complex. Owners could also add up a chunk of solar installation price to the home while selling.

In this manner, solar refinance your property.

Solar rebates by the government:  To help boost commercial and residential solar installation, the government of Australia has introduced various solar rebate/incentive schemes. One can avail federal or state rebates on the rooftop solar system and battery storage. The renewable energy rebate considerably reduces the cost of setting up a PV system for houses or businesses.

Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme is run by the government to provide small businesses and homeowners with incentives and encourage solar energy utilization in the society. Under this scheme, one can install small scale PV system, solar water heaters and heat pumps.

The federal and state government solar incentive programs allow users to have an economically worthwhile renewable energy transition.

Long surviving equipment: Solar panels can function more than two decades. A photovoltaic solar system requires less or no maintenance. The electricity generation process from the sunlight is a noiseless, straightforward phenomenon.

Since the equipment comes with sufficiently good live span and solar demands no special maintenance attention, it saves both time and money for you. As far as running periodic checks and cleaning panels are concerned, one can easily do it at home with proper care and right method.

Robust equipment is one more strong economic benefit of renewable energy.

To recapitulate,

With social and environmental benefits, the economic gains of solar make it the best energy alternative. You can switch to solar, save money and make a difference. AVIVA Energy offers unmissable Perth solar deals for you so that you start saving money even before the installation.

AVIVA assists their customers right from the discussion phase to the post-installation client support. From residential installations to commercial, off-grid to agriculture solar – AVIVA has proven their excellence in a variety of different solar needs to be one of the best solar companies in Perth.

Embrace solar, save the planet and grow economically solvent– with AVIVA Energy

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